about hong kong dance moms

One of the beauties of dance is that it embraces inclusivity, and one of our missions here at Hong Kong Dance Moms is to overcome exclusivity by making dance more accessible for all. With the growing number of dance magazines and forums for avid dancers and professionals out there, there seems to be a lack of dance platforms for non-dancers and parents of young dance students who want to know more about this movement filled world. That is where Hong Kong Dance Moms gracefully enters the stage of the world wide web. Hong Kong Dance Moms is a free online magazine that provides a platform for all lovers of dance, but particularly for non-dancers and parents who want to gain a better understanding of all things related to... dance! Covering the basics of the studio, the stage, and the overall lifestyle of a dancer, our topics bring fun, readable content to give you all the foundations to start up your life of dance or to support someone within the field. We are so much more than just your dance dictionary, as we invite you into the world of dance!

Our founder and team of editors are comprised of dance experts with first-hand knowledge, ranging from backgrounds in dance pedagogy, professional performance, stage choreography, and let’s not forget that they themselves were all once dance students at one time or another. Our editors write up feature stories and articles that provide you with knowledge, advice and suggestions to experience the world of dance yourself! Creating an online community that seeks to include everybody who wants to read about the latest and greatest in dance, our editors write to inspire and motivate you, our valuable readers.

Offering a variety of interesting stories, featured interviews and fun facts, our articles cover a wide range of dance topics. Each story brings a unique perspective to the plate, answering your most burning questions regarding careers in dance, training at a later stage in life, different types of physical therapy for dancers, our top picks of family dance movies and so much more! We also feature video interviews with Hong Kong’s top artistic directors of major local dance companies, such as Hong Kong Ballet, City Contemporary Dance Company, and Hong Kong Dance Company. Providing you insight into our local dance scene, there are always events popping up which showcase this city’s love for movement. We want to welcome you all to Hong Kong Dance Moms, your gateway into Hong Kong’s wonderful world of dance!