Willy Tsao - Founder, Artistic Director of CCDC

Establishing one of the pillars of Hong Kong’s dance scene, is Willy Tsao, the founder of City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC). More than an icon, Willy Tsao began as a young talented dancer, only to become a well renowned choreographer and to what we now know as China’s “Father of Chinese Modern Dance”. Purely influential, Tsao is an inspirational gem of Hong Kong.

A recent interview with Tsao, made me realise how much of a true artist he really is---a realist. Explaining what contemporary dance is about, his journey in life, and how his experience with society influences his choreographies and contributes to contemporary dance.

Willy not only makes us reflect on society, moreover, he provides his beliefs on the universe based on his evocative perspective. A man with very deep thoughts, transforming it into movement, letting us understand consummation through movement and music.

Speaking of which, the company under the masterful leadership of Tsao is currently in preparation for their upcoming premier of  “Season(s)” this June 1-3. Bringing a group of phenomenal contemporary dance choreographers*  comes a two-year project across Hong Kong and Australia and after which will be traveling to Brisbane and Darwin after the full production’s premier in Hong Kong.

Willy doesn’t only make us think about what is happening in the “real” world called life, through the form of dance, instead, he gives us a wake up call in each of his creations. Through each of his masterpieces, he does not force us to view things from his perspective, but rather awakens our senses to question and reflect on what is happening, and what has happened in society and everything around us.