Dance As A Therapy For Special Needs



Dance is not just for a career, exercise, or a hobby---Dance is therapy.

Dancing is for everybody---no size, no gender, no amazing abilities required as long as you're doing it with passion and of course, having loads of FUN!

Children with special needs like sensory processing disorder, autism, other socio-emotional or physical difficulties might make you think that fun activities may be limited. But no. A couple of symptoms of children having these needs may include poor attention, difficulty in interacting with people, and limited body awareness BUT, participating in group movements; mainly dancing is truly beneficial for these children. Why?

Let's find out!

Dancing can help improve these difficulties in many ways, such as:

Promoting Body Awareness

Becoming comfortable with one's body is important, and beneficial not only for children with special needs but any child for that matter. By accepting challenging moves in the studio they increase their confidence and develop faith in their own capacity.

Improving Motor Skills

Dancing needs physical coordination, and this being said kids with down syndrome, for instance, have delayed motor skills. Dance does a fun way for children to improve their physical coordination and dexterity.

Increases Concentration

For one to be able to follow a certain move or routine, no matter how short or simple it is, it will always need focus and concentration. There are a number of studies being published that commend the benefits of exercise in helping to keep mental focus.

Boost One's Mood

In any form of dance or exercise that we do it is known that we release endorphins, which are hormones that produce a very calming effect relieving stress an anxiety.

Great Workout for Kids

Yes, that's right! Workout.

Kids may be generally more active than adults, but that doesn't mean that they don't need to stay active and be healthy. Dance is a great but gentle form of exercise that surprisingly even kids with physical limitations can enjoy.

Lastly, IT'S FUN. Pretty sure that no kid would say no to fun, and no parent would say no if their kid is having a blast.

So go check out what dance classes are there in Hong Kong for your kids to join in, and don't miss out on the fun!