Dance! Why Not?

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So you think you can dance?

You don’t have to be an expert, nor be super flexible or whatever it is you see in your Youtube videos. All of those are trainable---passion, however, is not. Or at least the “willingness” of doing it. What fun would that be, otherwise?

So let’s talk about how dancing can actually be beneficial, and again let me remind you that DANCING IS FOR EVERYBODY.



Not only does it help exercise you physically, but mentally as well. Dancing helps boost one’s memory as it sends different kinds of combinations or movements that your body has probably never done before. At the same time, it keeps it active in a way that it actively sends instructions to your body of what or how-to-do or what is next in a given combination. Which according to science, reduces the volume loss in the hippocampus or the part of the brain that controls memory.



Ever thought what flexibility is for?

Well, you don’t have t be intensely stretchy like a rubber band. Flexibility is practised over time, but the key is consistency and frequency. So by doing simple stretching at home, could already help a lot, and as you increase your flexibility this will also help ease some joint pain and soreness from post-exercise.



When the body feels good, the mind does too. Any physical activity not only diverts your mind into movement and music but also because it is scientifically explained that as we release neurotransmitters and endorphins from a physical activity this helps to serve to alleviate stress, at the same time endorphins act as body’s natural painkillers.



The breathing when dancing is completely different than when you are cycling or running. It is in a way more relaxed and less intense than these physical activities with the help of deep breathing and moving to a certain beat.



The more energy you have, the more things you can do. The more things you can do, the more you are productive, and who doesn’t want productivity? This also means, that as a parent you’d have more energy to play with your kids and level up with their high energy.

These, a whole lot more reasons to go dancing. You’ll always feel better after a day’s activity, but nothing is more satisfying than dancing. Challenging yourself in certain instances, but it’s always fulfilling to know you survived a dance class, and sweat it all out to good tunes, and amazing company.

So what are you all waiting for? With the technology now, you could always book your first, or your next dance class with literally just one tap! Go ahead and check out dance classes you’d surely love and won’t get enough of!