How to Concentrate Better in Dance Class



Ready? Set? Focus.

Focus is key to success--focus to a successful dance class or else, it’s a all a waste.

Concentrating is one of the key elements that we always forget to bring with us to class. Often disregarded, but this is definitely what will take us to where we want to get, and get the whole point of enrolling yourself or your child in dance class.

Remember, it’s not only the body that moves when you’re dancing. It’s the brain till the very end of your fingertips  to the tips of your toes.

So here are some helpful tips for all aspiring dancers to help you focus more.

Punctuality is Essential

Always be on time. Always.

At least 10-15 minutes before your class time, because setting your mind before coming in to dance class will help you focus more as it sets your mood or your brain to sort of switch to its “dance mode”.

Coming in late to class, means being unprepared. And being unprepared means disaster.

Your teacher is NOT a broken record

“Do this”, “Do that”, or “don’t do that”, “Pointe your toes”.

If you’re getting the same corrections every time, there must be something wrong...and it’s definitely not the teacher.

Once your teacher gives you corrections, make sure that you try to apply it and absorb it as quick as possible because nobody wants to get the same correction over and over again, right?


Smart people always ask so they know what to do, be prepared and not panic in a situation they’re in.

If you didn’t get the combination or whatever terminology your teacher says, don’t be afraid to ask. Remember, smart people ask.


Respect your teacher and co-dancers the same way you’d like to be respected.

To help you concentrate, you should also help your co-dancers concentrate and not be a distraction to them. Knowing the proper etiquette in class will help. A lot!

You should learn to trust your teacher’s opinion, corrections and judgments. If you can’t might as well find another teacher, or be your own teacher.

Don’t be a show off!

Everybody hates a show off. Don’t be that.

Don’t just nod your head and say “Yes” to all your teacher’s correction. It’s dance, not Science that you can only retain corrections in your head. Of course, keep it in your mind but at the same time you MUST do it. By doing it, it gives trains not only your brain but your muscles as well to remember how it should be done correctly.

Show some gratitude

As part of not only dance etiquette, but proper manners in life, always say “thank you” to your teacher. Don’t just walk out after each class.

Teachers have the longest patience, next to your parents. They never get tired of reminding you of your corrections, keep their cool and always willing to help you learn at your own pace. So I suppose a “Thank you” would be the best thing you could give them each day of class.