JazzAddict and Dance Certificates

(c) Jazzaddict

(c) Jazzaddict


We all know that there are so many genres of dance--there’s hip-hop, jazz, ballet, tap, contemporary dance, and so much more.

But under each form of dance, did you know that there are so many other different methods under each kind of dance?

There actually are A LOT!

Now, aren't you glad to stumble upon this?

But today, let's get jazzy, and talk about this jazz syllabus that is very popular in Australasia, and yes that includes our very own Hong Kong.

Find out what makes JazzAddict so unique of a syllabus as director Corinne Yee explains to us from our short interview with her.

As for some of us may know, there are some other styles and syllabus used in the world of dance, but let's find out what makes it so unique.

“JazzAddict syllabus is unique in that it not only trains the technical dancer but also develops the performance quality of dancers and incorporates the initiative of student choreography.”

As dance, in general, is an art form that develops one's artistic quality and that is also one of the fundamentals in the JazzAddict syllabus, explains Corinne.

Being said, however, that JazzAddict is not just another syllabus put out there for dancers to learn “by the book”. It does not hold back one's artistry or creativity despite following a syllabus, instead, it let's them explore more, and this Corinne has explained to us.

“JazzAddict (and all the APDA syllabi) incorporate impromptu/improvisation and student choreography throughout the entire curriculum to develop this artistry.”

Hence, the syllabus provides a complete training that creates and trains dancers to be well-rounded.

Lastly, I'm sure many of us may be wondering, “why get a certificate?” “what for?” While back in the day, nine of these existed, yet there were amazing dancers made from training, and performances alone--experience. So I'm pretty sure, most of you have been dying to find out.

All those questions about the purpose of getting dance certificates, are finally brought to clarification.

We found out that qualifications from a dance association are recognized internationally and that following a syllabus as well as sitting examinations give the teachers, parents and students reassurance of the training they are receiving is thorough.

Now that you know more about the JazzAddict syllabus and its purpose, I guess the next time you consider enrolling your child to a dance class, JazzAddict may hopefully pop up on the list!