To Learn or Not to Learn Different Dance Styles?

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Everyone likes a little variety! So why not learn more than one dance?

If you remember, a few months ago, we talked about how ballet is an important field of dance among all other dance forms--and indeed it is.

This time, let's see if learning multiple dances would actually be a good thing and if we can actually put that into use.

Each kind of dance style has a certain form of energy and a certain mood. For example Tango vs.Hip Hop. Jazz-funk vs. Contemporary. When given a direct comparison, you will see a different effect these dance styles have on us and how each one flows.

Reality check: everything has its own pros and cons, and to how subjective this topic is, I guess the answer is “it depends”. But don't despair, here's a little something to keep you ahead of the game.


Don't you get bored with monotony? Adding a little bit of variety is always fun! If you easily get bored, adding a little flavor and excitement to your dance classes may be on of the best decisions you could ever make.

Be In the Know

First of all, before signing up for that extra dance class of a different style you'd have to learn, what kind of movements are actually involved in this-- you must be prepared physically and mentally.

For example you've signed up for a Contemporary class. If it is only ballet that you've learned your whole life, learning and adjusting to this new form of dance may not only be as fun as you what you see on “So You Think You Can Dance” and also completely different for your body and for your mind too. Contemporary dance is more of a distorted version of ballet. AND, take note that Contemporary has different styles too, depending on the teacher what his/her style is.


So it's probably a good thing to be a versatile dancer. But of course, it takes time. You can't learn a different kind of dance overnight, can you?

Remember, practice makes perfect. It may make your body and mind a little bit confused for a while, but once you've gotten the hang of it, you'd probably be surprised as it will just come naturally to you.

Flexibility and Versatility

Like learning a different language, we know that it is a great and fulfilling feeling if you can move “the right way” to any dance form because it gives the feeling of freedom and bursts out  creativity.

Then again, emphasis on “the right way“. Like I said, to dance according to the “rules” of a particular dance style may take a while, but in the end is definitely rewarding you might actually just thank yourself after.


The more you learn, the more you know how much there is to learn.

Being a beginner in different things, I guess, is one of the factors that will keep your feet on the ground. Modesty is the most valuable trait a person could ever have. If you think you know everything, how can you ever let anything new come in to your knowledge?

So is it really important?

If you'd ask a dancer, it is important to try different styles of dance, because just like music, different types of music invoke different emotions--and so the body follows the rhythm.

But there's never any harm in trying, right? Go ahead, give it a go! It's not only a good way to learn, but to make new friends and experiences too! Who knows, you might even enjoy it more than you expected!