What's the Dancing Life in Hong Kong Like?



If opportunities for art, or dancing particularly, was in the food chain, it would probably be at the highest part of it.

Hong Kong is one of the most diverse countries in the world, and perhaps one of the busiest and most active cities when it comes to all sorts of events.

Despite the country being famous for business and finance, it seems to be also popular and well-loved for its art scene. It is amazing how such a small yet diverse country can preserve its own Chinese culture and the same time welcome, explore and promote modern art.

Living in Hong Kong for a while, I have noticed that there is never a week without colourful events in the city--either visual art or performance art. And in every event, dancers are always present. Always.

Hong Kong being very alternative, opens up possibilities for dancers of different genres to explore more of the dance scene not only in Hong Kong itself but also outside of the country.

Dance workshops, guest dance artists and choreographers and all other opportunities welcoming dancers has always been a huge help to the dancers in Hong Kong. Not only do they learn from them, but this also serves as an introduction of getting their grooves somewhere else.

Meanwhile, the local dance scene offers a bunch of full time and part time jobs as well. One of the many is Hong Kong Disneyland. They hold out auditions more than once a year giving out opportunities to both local and international dancers.

The happiest place on Earth holds auditions for dancers in park which includes being a dancer in the parade, Mickey's Wondrous Book and The Lion King, sometimes even seasonal dancers are needed like during Halloween and Christmas for example.

The three major dance companies--Hong Kong Ballet, City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC), and the Hong Kong Dance Company (HKDC) normally holds auditions auditions too. keeping the cultural scene and high art alive.

On the other hand, professional dancers may still get a chance to not only perform in theaters but perhaps on a more causal, creative and at the same time, sophisticated themed performances with the help of recruitment agencies for the entertainment industry, just like “Hong Kong Has Talent”, “TruewestTalent”, “Entertaining Asia”, “Birkun Productions Entertainment Company” and so much more. These talent agencies call out for singers, bands, DJs, and of course, dancers too. Completing each event around HongKong with the right atmosphere providing breathtaking performances.  

Speaking of going outside the theater,and feeling a bit more adventurous, Macau, being close to Hong Kong provides tons of openings for dancers too. If you ever wondered, it is to apply in some casino(s) in Macau. Which by living in Hong Kong is not much of a hassle since it could only take you around 50-55 minutes if you take a ferry. A talent management called Gala Entertainment Management, helps you find more opportunities as a dancer in Macau and perhaps elsewhere.

Hong Kong is small but rich in culture and art. Regardless of  having only three (3) major dance companies. The dance scene manages to welcome opportunities to dancers around the country and even give them a chance to showcase their talents outside of the country.

It's easy to tell!

With numerous dance schools, around and art events, you will never be unoccupied being a dancer in Hong Kong. There is always something up for dancers--an open call, an audition, a collaboration for projects with other artists, etc.

In addition, it helps the dancers so much if the locals are keen and open to art. Which they are. Because who else would support it, otherwise? No one else but the audience themselves, right?

Hand in hand, it seems like there is a big percentage of people supporting the dance scene which keeps the artists (the dancers) in their rightful field. And because of that, the opportunity just keeps growing, as well as the demand for it. And of course, as opportunities grow, so do the dancers themselves.