Dance Highlights 2019

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All in the name of dance!

Join us as we celebrate our first year, with what other way, but DANCE!

Let us all make an unforgettable experience with this precious opportunity of dance as we showcase our talent, and passion on stage with different dance groups.

Sounds like much fun, no?

Here are some amazing reasons why you should come celebrate dance with us!

Dance, Why Not?

Celebrating all different dance styles and training backgrounds all in one stage, doesn't that sound like fun?

Just like a festival of dance, get to meet, watch, learn and experience sharing the stage alongside other dance groups and companies.

I'm sure that's more than worth the experience!

It's Free

We all know nothing is free in this world anymore, EXCEPT this performance!

Yes, it's free! But do not worry, just because its free doesn't mean you don't get professional quality of help from the technical crew, plus the whole backstage experience.

To be held at the Y-Theater, with professional theater technical assistance. You don't get that everyday, do you?

Just Dance!

Form your group with a minimum of six (6) dancers in each group, a minimum of three (3) minutes and a maximum of six (6) minutes.

Just make sure that performers are at least three (3) years old and above.

Save The Best For Last

An amazing performance is never complete without a grand finale. Before you all leave and call it a night, make sure to join the finale performance in which respective teachers of each groups will be responsible for.

Excited yet?

We cannot wait to see amazing dance groups come together in one performance and join us as we all celebrate our first year together.  

We at Hong Kong Dance Moms all had a fun roller coaster of a year working hard to bring, and share with you amazing dancers, inspirational leaders in dance and that has only been the beginning!

Our biggest thanks to everyone who has been with us, and we hope to see you all at the theater!

Know more about the guidelines, and apply here.