Contract. Release. Flow. REPEAT


Versatility, improvisation, without the strict and structured nature of ballet, is what contemporary dance emphasises. With a focus on "grounding", which uses gravity pulling them down towards the floor; focusing on floorwork.

The norm would rather think contemporary dance as a weird form of art. But basically deconstructed ballet, with so much fluidity and free movement. It is an expressive dance that is a combination of modern, classical ballet, lyrical and jazz in which the dancer connects the mind and body in a series of fluid movements--freedom in movement.

Contemporary dancers do need their basics, and that being classical ballet. Once classical ballet technique is mastered then contemporary can come in.

Here's a snippet from "Lamentation" one of the signature works of the "Mother of Modern Dance", Martha Graham who has been said to be the one that brought dance into the 20th century. 

Here's a little idea of what contemporary dance is all about, but stick around to discover more about contemporary dance, here in our very own Hong Kong.