Theater Etiquette

Ah, yes! The theatre. A place to watch a very high form of art as we arrive dressed nicely and treated like a VIP.  But did you know that to artists, the theatre is their sacred place? Well, it sure is! From your “OOTD” to your “MOOD” coming in, those are just a few of the littlest things that somehow is very very important to theatre etiquette and importantly, respect for the arts.

It’s basically common sense, but sometimes we realise that common sense isn’t really so common after all.

So let us just be reminded by a few of these proper theatre etiquettes to lessen the hassle, and just leave making “a scene” to the people on stage--remember,  we are the audience, not the performer.

Around this time is where dance companies normally hold their end of season performances, or dance schools have their annual recital/showcase, but whatever reason and season it is that we’d need to come to the theatre, here’s a list of a few  things we’d all like to keep in mind:



Time is definitely gold when watching in the theatre, Arrive early at least 15-30 minutes before the showtime. Latecomers disturb not only audience members, but performers as well. For some theatres. Latecomers can only come in during intermission, so you’d already miss half of the show and that would be too bad, wouldn’t it?



Hey, lovebirds! Cuddling could definitely wait till after the show just for a little consideration because when cuddle you block the view of people behind.



For some theatres photography is welcome, but for most theatres flash photography is definitely a no-no. It is not only a distraction but a danger to performers.



Silent all cellphones, if you don’t want to embarrass yourself as it goes off but you wouldn't want to break the mood of the audience members and performers.



Well, not just yet. Always wait for the performers to take their final bow before you exit the theatre.


So do you think you’re completely ready to go see your next play or ballet? Well if you are, then so are we! Check out our latest list of events happening here in Hong Kong and don’t forget to bring your theatre etiquette with you and of course, and wishing a  big TOI TOI TOI  to all these performers!