Bun's Up, It's Showtime: How to Survive a Long Rehearsal day


Lights on, curtains up, Showtime!

But before any show, days and days and hours of rehearsal is needed. With your little angels coming from school heading to rehearsals, how could they survive rehearsals and not feel too lethargic?

Well, that’s easy peasy lemon squeezy! Getting ready for long rehearsal days could be a little tough especially those extra rehearsals, but is definitely worth it. Here are few tips on how to survive a long day for you moms and your tiny dancers!


Moms, make sure you pack your kids a little snack, but not just any snack---a healthy and nutritious snack. Junk is totes a no-no! Slip in some snacks high in protein like yoghurt, nuts, granola bars or even a banana/crackers. This will keep them energised throughout the day and make that long day seem shorter.



Water is always the answer. Pack your kids a big bottle of water to keep them hydrated. Being hydrated will also keep them away from feeling exhausted in day’s rehearsal.



We do know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that is why make sure to give your kids a healthy and filling breakfast. Make sure they eat something complex carbs (oatmeal, yams/sweet potatoes, rice, whole wheat bread, etc.) and enough protein to give them not just enough energy but keep the minds active as well.

Long days rehearsing at the studio or theatre can definitely be exhausting and take up a lot of time. But doesn’t mean you can’t be proactive about it or that it isn’t fun! Being with your dance friends and teachers means learning and having fun all at the same time! But most importantly, never forget to pack your essentials to last a long day of rehearsals and you shall be good to go!

Ready? Let’s go and break a leg!