Are Summer Intensives Important?

Summer is just around the corner, but this time we're spending it in the studio!

How important are summer intensives actually? Is it really that necessary? When you could just be relaxing with your family and just on the sand while watching the sunset. Well, here are some reasons to contemplate on why it is so important---more important than a trip to an island.

Dancing 24/7

If you really love dancing that much, I don't think there's gonna be a problem here. Classes from 9 am to 5 pm of just absolute sweating and working on your technique is perhaps every dancer's dream. Having the opportunity to learn from different teachers and different styles of dance from choreographers is just amazing as it sounds. You get to practice with a schedule that is quite similar to professional dancers.

New Friends!

Need I say more?

Of course, it's always about bonding over dancing with your dance buddy (well, comes next to the dancing I guess). There will be new people from the same area, other people from different states or regions who would also come to learn during the summer. There you'll see and learn how they approach different techniques and style, you'd be able to get some tips as well and be learning from each other. Isn't that cool?

Explore the world of dance

Like I've said, various techniques and style. During summer intensives you not only get to do one style of dancing but loads! From ballet to contemporary, to jazz to partnering classes and maybe even get to learn tap dancing (depends on the school or company). When you get to train with different teachers and explore different kinds of dance, this gives you the opportunity to grow not only as a dancer but also as an artist. 


While most of the people would go on a holiday, there you are in the studio mastering your technique. And isn't that just more than a plus to your dancing career. Keeping strength, flexibility and stamina are very important in dance. When you stop the routine it will all go back to zero making it hard for you to get back in shape and potentially result in injury. Continuing your technique keep your body in top-notch shape.

At the same time, your inspiring teachers will be giving combinations as to what they know your body needs and not what you want (because it is easy). 

Training your brain, your body and skills continue during the summer and will not stop the progress and growth of your dancing.

Obviously, it is called an "intensive" so do look forward to a hectic kind of training during the summer. Now with all these perks of sacrificing your summer holiday, maybe next summer you'll think twice if you'd like to go on that trip or cut down the days of your travel because there's so much more to learn in the four corners of the studio.