Get Your Recital Game On!

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Hey moms and dads! Are you ready for your kid’s big day?

Don’t worry, no sweat!

Kids recitals are just around the corner, and I bet that your child’s performance is coming up quite soon as well. I’m also pretty sure that you’re feeling both nervous and excited more than your child. So here are just a few things you’d be glad to know of, and perhaps expect on the coming recital of your child.


There will (or might) be dancing

Children at the age of two or three may be the youngest age of kids to perform on stage. Yes, I know, that’s definitely cute, right? But for kids this age, always expect the unexpected.

There will be some children who would decide last minute that they don't want to dance and just probably stand there or sit on stage until their dance finishes.


Tutu Adorable Isn't It?

Now tell me if this sounds familiar...

The first time you see them on stage with their ballerina bun, and in their tutu just makes you go...

"Awww..."  *takes photos immediately* 

When they’re on stage and looking “purrfect” on their candy coloured, costumes as princesses or furry animals from an enchanted land and all you’d want to do is take a snap of that magical moment.

So don’t forget to bring your cameras and share those totally “Instagram worthy” photos. But don’t forget the safety of using cameras in the theatre too. Read here.

Cheers, No Tears

As mentioned earlier, expect the unexpected because there will be crying. Some children love the attention, the lights and the big crowd, but of course, there will be these youngsters who would despise that.

The big stage even for professional dancers could get too overwhelming (I'm sure they cry inside too), and just imagine how it would be for children, especially if it’s their first time.

If your child cries, don’t panic. It’s perfectly normal, and that’s fine. There’s nothing to worry about because there will be teachers (and always will be) be backstage and by the wings, ready for any kind of situation!


Pack the Arsenal

It could get a little hectic for the children especially if it’s a new thing to them. The whole theatre rehearsals, doing five dances in a show, with each a different costume and hair change. Whew! Despite that, I’m pretty sure it’s a whole lot of fun and a great one of a kind of experience for your child.

So for them to survive that don’t forget to pack water, healthy snacks for them to munch in between dances. In some cases, there are probably schools that are generous enough actually provide snacks and water for their students while in the theatre.  Learn more about how to get ready for a long rehearsal day. Read here.


Well, I hope you’re ready because this will definitely be FUN! Now pack those cameras, collect your tickets, and tell the whole clan about it!

Most importantly, enjoy the show!