Tutu Care Tips

source: https://bit.ly/2wbYX9y

source: https://bit.ly/2wbYX9y

Recital season is definitely on!

You may be just be heading on to one, or just came from one, and now worrying how to clean and whether to wash your kid's costumes or not but no need to worry because we're always ready to give out helpful tips!

How to Store

Protect your tutus from dust and damage, keep them away from direct sunlight and smoke. To store in best protection, tutu bags are ideal or wrap them in a sheet and lay them flat and best stored under the bed. 

Hand Washing

To hand wash the tutu, it would most likely be best to be done in the bathtub. Filling it with a mild detergent and cool water, carefully dip the tutu just a few times in the water and then drip dry upside down, or simply lay flat if the tutu is heavily decorated. 

To Remove Wrinkles

Steaming the tutu helps. Simply hang the tutu upside down in the bathroom but NOT in the shower. Turn on the shower, using hot water to make it steamy. Let it stay there for a while as it should straighten the tulle and get it fluffy.

Re-Starching the Tutu

If the tutu gets too soft and needs to be re-stiffened or stick out again, starch is the answer. 

Using a spray bottle, damp enough water onto the tutu and spray starch evenly on the tutu and hang upside down on a hanger. 

Now you're tutu ready for show!