Spring Events Totally Worth a Go!


Summer may just be starting, but with the line up of events that we have, we will get you holding on to your seats with one of the most memorable performances you'd have.

From performances, to competitions to dane workshops and you name it, we've got it all for your dancing needs!

So here's our list...

Irish Celtic: Spirit of Ireland

image source: https://bit.ly/2rwaJ9Y

image source: https://bit.ly/2rwaJ9Y

Making its debut this June in Hong Kong from their highly successful tour in France and Germany showing their incredible talent! Recreating scenes throughout Celtic history has never sounded more captivating than ever. 

Happening really soon on the 12th of May and running till May 17 at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts (HKAPA). 


To give you an idea, here's a trailer of Eisa Jocson's "Host" in Berlin in 2015.

Contemporary choreographer, Eisa Jocson comes to Macao with another piece entitled "Host" as she takes it to Macao this time talking about Filipino women and transgender hostess performing a version of femininity catering to Japanese salarymen.

Jocson's "Host" will be on stage at the Macao Art Festival running on May 12- 13

Wheeldon, Ratmansky, McIntyre, and The Beatles

image source: https://bit.ly/2ryNsEr

image source: https://bit.ly/2ryNsEr

HK Ballet never fails.

With the dynamic dancers that Hong Kong ballet has, how more than exciting can this be? A visual and rhythmic slamming season ender of Hong Kong Ballet, this is definitely something all dance and music enthusiasts should not miss! 

Catch them at the Grand Theater of the Cultural Centre on June 1 and 2 ( 7:30pm), June 3  (2:30 pm and 4 pm).



image source: http://www.ccdc.com.hk/en/site/p/4?pid=73

image source: http://www.ccdc.com.hk/en/site/p/4?pid=73

Three choreographers and two different cities working together bringing a two-year project come to life really soon. 

Its world premiere will be on the 1st of June in Hong Kong, and to be staged in Brisbane, Darwin, and Beijing. How exciting is this collaboration of geniuses from around the globe bringing it all on one stage and on to the next? Catch them on June 1-3 at the Ko Shan Theater New Wing Auditorium. 

Precious Treasures of Chinese Classical Dance- A Light in the Heart Ancient Chinese Dance Classics


Nothing more local and cultural than and a performance as such, right?  

Chinese dance that rediscovers Imperial China's arts and culture to be performed by the Hong Dance Company and the  Chinese Classical Dance Department of Beijing Dance Academy. 

Dream of the Past: Ancient Chinese Court Dancers

image source: https://bit.ly/2ryZahD

image source: https://bit.ly/2ryZahD

Majestic, and elegant, showing China's aesthetic achievement through the art of dancing and traditional culture. Representing a collection of Chinese court dances from different times. Once again, the Hong Kong Dance Company shares the stage with Classical Dance Department of Beijing Dance Academy on June 2-3, at the Sha Tin Town Hall and June 8-10 at the  Grand Theater at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre 

Giordano Dance Chicago

(c) Giordano Dance Chicago

(c) Giordano Dance Chicago

Get results you want with workshops as good the Giordano Dance Chicago has to offer coming this June!

 From  Ballet to Jazz, to Contemporary to Giordano technique to Broadway Jazz and all that, and even learning an intimate informal performance on the last day--exciting!! Check out their website for at for more exciting news and dance happenings. You can also go to our HK Dance Moms "What's On" page to learn more info about this workshop!

Workshop classes run from 8 am -4 pm on June 10 and 15, at the Giordano Dance Chicago 1509 South Michigan Avenue, 2nd Floor 


World Ballet Competition (USA)

WBC is probably one of those international ballet competitions all bunheads look forward to each time. And yes, here it is once again! Although auditions may have passed, we could look forward to the competition proper and be wowed by those dancers with burning passion, numerous pirouettes, high battements, and probably shiny Swarovski-filled tutus. 

Competition dates will be on June 10-June 16 at Maggie Blvd, Suite B, Orlando Florida. 


Scottish Ballet: Hansel and Gretel 

Definitely, a colourful and mischievous childhood tale we all know comes to stage this July. 

A magical performance choreographed by Christopher Hampson who is also the artistic director brings his cast of talented, and strong dancers to the 29th Macao Art Festival. Keeping us inspired in lively, delicious, yet skilful treat coming to this Summer! 

The Hong Kong Smart Dance Extravaganza 2018

A dance cup promoting not only dance culture but, also a practice for sharing experience for both young dancers and professionals. The Hong Kong Dance Cup is also open for participants both local and overseas.

Deadline for enrollment has already passed, however, you may still be able to watch as competitions as such, are always inspiring. See all young and inspiring dancers perform their best on July 19-23 at the Y Theater. 

Dansinn Heavenly

(c) Dansinn Heavenly

(c) Dansinn Heavenly

An International Ballroom Dance Competition that will be held at the end of July at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), organised by Dansinn Heavenly featuring the biggest dance stars, world's best ballroom and Latin couples who are both amateurs and professionals. Featuring world-renowned ballroom adjudicators,  coming this 30th of July. Don't miss! 

If skimming through this list got you all excited, then you're definitely up for one or perhaps more of these events! For more information on any of this awesome stuff, do check out our "What's On" page and find out more ways of getting you your tickets to your chosen event!

And of course, a big toi toi toi to all performers!!