Genée Makes A Come Back to Hong Kong After 12 Years

Photo by Bruno Simao, courtesy of the Royal Academy of Dance

Photo by Bruno Simao, courtesy of the Royal Academy of Dance

Genée International Competition or simply known as the Genée is one of the most prestigious ballet competitions in the world. Like all international competitions, the Genée allures the most credible young dancers of their generation who are trained under the RAD syllabus from all over the world.

After 12 long years, Genée is making a come back to HK this summer.

Where also back then, the current principal dancer of Hong Kong Ballet was Ye FeiFei a silver medalist to the said competition.

Like all international competitions, it will be another tough and rigorous schedule for dancers, including that endless training and preparation from day one, until the day of the competition itself.

Meanwhile, it will be judged by some of the finest and most presumptive people in the dance scene.

Hong Kong Ballet's artistic director, Septime Webre, alongside Janek Schergen, artistic director of Singapore Dance Theater (SDT) as well as the former executive and artistic director of National Ballet of China (NBC), Madam Zhao Ru Heng will also be joining the fine line up of judges. And of course, let us not forget, Lisa Pavane Director of the Australian Ballet School,  will also be one of the judges for this prestigious competition.

Being a part of any competition will always mean exposure---exposure to a different atmosphere outside of the dance studio and the theatre for the school’s annual show, or a company’s season productions. Competitions could be a stepping stone to a dancer’s career.

Competitions not only commend you for your talent, and superb performance. For some competitions, it could give the dancer a chance for scholarships locally or internationally, in the Genèe , however, a prize money is awarded to the medallists and gives them a  chance to get more exposure in the dance industry--hence, a big jump to their dancing career.

 Photo by Elliott Franks, courtesy of the Royal Academy of Dance

 Photo by Elliott Franks, courtesy of the Royal Academy of Dance

Eligible competitors for the Genèe are only those who have received a distinction from their Advanced 2 RAD exam and for Advanced 1 who have successfully passed their RAD exam which is open to ages 15-19 years old.

Opportunity gained is not only for the dancers or participants involved, instead, the Genée also serves a great chance to learn, and observe from different dancers competing. Making it definitely worthy of coming and watching competitions. It is every RAD dancers’ goal to be a competitor of. As of it (The Genèe) being a very high standard competition that as said, only those with distinction gets in, which automatically means getting them into semi-finals.

The Genèe is an international competition that happens annually all over the world with applications varying each year.

The competition itself comes with their own format consisting of several parts depending on each round.

For instance, for semi-finals, the dancer gets to present him/herself in a classical class and a dancer’s own classical variation. Meanwhile, in the final round, they show themselves in a set classical variation wherein a list of selected variations are to be given out by the Genèe, as well as a dancer’s own variation and getting into the unknown.  Which means learning a variation from the commissioned choreographer by the Genèe.

This year’s commissioned choreographer will be Carlo Pacis for this year. Pacis will be creating two variations (one male and female variation) which will be having their world premiere at the Finals to be held on the 12th of August.

Dancing in general  is never easy. Dancers rehearse tirelessly day after day, remembering each and every bit of correction there is until they get it right. The pressure could be sky-high, but it will always give that great feeling of accomplishment once it is over. Again, being part in such competitions, is always an opportunity. The fact that being given the chance to be eligible to compete is already a tremendous opportunity not to be put to waste.

From us at the HK Dance Moms, we are sending all competitors of the Genée, a big MERDE!