How Dancers Prepare Themselves for a Performance



Have you ever wondered how dancers prepare themselves for that big moment on stage?

Weird, and normally superstitious, but most dancers have these pre-performance rituals that help them get their minds focused before heading on stage.

As a dancer, each performance means technique, artistry, and musicality to think about. A study from the Ohio Center for Sports Psychology, says that dancers should use the same mental preparation for performance as athlete’s do for competition or training.  

Aside from those very demanding rehearsals at the studio, dancers also need not only their stamina working, but their minds fully active and positive---mental preparation, that is.

Here are a few yet very important things that dancers do in  preparation for their performance:

Maintaining Positive Attitude

Having a positive mind doesn’t mean that positive things will happen, however, always remember that your mind is powerful and dancing, it’s always just "mind over matter". Staying stuck with a  negative outlook will just bring you down and lead to a poor performance and we all know that you wouldn’t want that.

The Right Food

“You are what you eat”.

We all know that saying, don’t we?

During the time of rigorous training, dancers need to eat, but of course only the right food. The idea that dancers do not eat just because they are really skinny is a big fat lie. With the right amount of carbohydrates, protein and the good kind of fat, and dancers are more than good to go on stage with enough energy to keep them going on those fouettes, and grand pas de deux. Learn more about the good food here.

Practice Makes Perfect

It is impossible to get to those flawless turns and no sweat leaps without practice. Never stopping until you get it right may sound a bit tough, but it does work. It works like muscle memory. The more your body does it, and at the same time with your mind correcting your body on every single run through this will definitely pay off on not only the day of performance but throughout your career of being a dancer.

Pep Talk

Some of us may hate getting a pep talk but giving yourself a pep talk may be the only thing you need before stepping on stage.

That little voice inside your head giving you that push you need will be one of the most important things you will ever want to hear---a form of motivation perhaps. Imagine putting yourself down, and thinking negatively, how do you think your body would react to that?

Finding Focus

Technique, artistry and passion in what you are doing is nothing without focus.

Focus on what you are about to do or else, all those tiring rehearsals will be put to waste and you wouldn’t want that, would you?

Before stepping on stage, always make sure to remember your blocking, your steps, and all those corrections from your teacher or ballet master.


All dancers are different and may have different ways of preparing themselves before the show. Some may have beliefs about eating nuts before the show is bad luck, or wearing something red or their favourite clothing they could consider to be lucky is another. Whatever it is, these are just minor things dancers believe to help them make a great performance. Practice and practice with full attention and dancing with their heart is still the most important thing to make dancers amazing on stage.