Hong Kong Dance Company: "NEON" Review

(c) Hong Kong Dance Company

(c) Hong Kong Dance Company

Just a day before the month of June has ended, the Hong Kong Dance Company (HKDC) puts a different kind of flavour in their show. HKDC as we all know does mainly Chinese dance, however, this time they did a very contemporary piece called, “Neon” which was quite experimental and has been very much interesting.

Performed in a black box theatre, with a very close audience was definitely already something very different from what we are so used to---seeing them in a big theatre in traditional costumes and dances.

Neon was conceptual.

The way the dancers moved was so abstract and at some parts experimental as it was also quite improvisational.

The performance transitioned to all different kinds of moods from only six dancers, a pianist, and a narrator. From a calm, peaceful beginning to an aggressive pas de six leading to an interactive performance as dancers gesture out to the audience to come and dance along or get their reaction as to what was going on----and the audience didn’t disappoint!

It was amazing that how minimal of a show it was, yet it brought out maximizing artistry of each artist on stage. These dancers connected very well with not only the audience.

It was also amazing how their interaction with each dancer and the set gave more justice to their roles and not to mention connecting to each change of mood.

Convincing, I’d say.

It was compelling in how each artists' portrayal of role has been done in a very natural way. Again, I’d say it was a total performance. As it may not have been a technically driven kind of performance, yet, high in artistic quality---total performance.

I’m sure we are all tired of seeing contemporary pieces showing trick after trick after trick. Neon was has been a greatly persuasive, and satisfying rendering of adaptation by these young talented dancers and definitely genius conceptualization.

Not only was it myself who enjoyed the show, but the audience as well---obviously as they did a great job responding to everything that has been delivered.

All in all, it was a captivating audio-visual performance that brought a lot of fun and at the same time instilling a somewhat mystifying humour. A different kind of genre from what Hong Kong Dance Company has not been disappointing to see.