How to Deal With Rejection as a Dancer

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“Fall down seven, get up eight.”

It is impossible to pursue a dance career without rejection. A dance career may bring pride on stage,  achievement, and the contentment of honing your craft each day. But what’s really behind all these delights is the constant battle with rejection. Putting yourself out there, may it be auditioning for a company, a summer program, a competition, or even in class and being told that you are not good enough is a never-ending risk.

You are not in control

There’s nothing wrong with being rejected as much as it feels like it. Think about it, a dancer spends an immense amount of time dancing, it becomes their lifestyle until rejection hits you in the face. Dealing with rejection is to remember that you, not your profession: You are a human being who dances-learning each step, and every rejection is a step closer to success.

Be Strong and grow a thick skin

Know that being turned down doesn’t mean you lack any talent as a dancer. It only means that you don’t fit the vision of that specific choreographer, director or teacher on that specific day. Despite this, see what opportunities can and will surprisingly open up as a result of this barricade.

Move on

Yes, you are upset, but when it’s over,  give yourself a set time to be upset about it, and then let it go. There is absolutely no reason to dwell in the past and on your bad experience. Learn from this experience and move on. Get back to work, and work hard, and it will pay off eventually. Always remember why you are dancing in the first place, and what drives you to dance---never lose focus.

It may be tough and uncomfortable, but it should never be devastating.  It should always be an opportunity to remember that you are still a wonderful dancer, and that dance is an extremely subjective art form. Lastly, know that dealing with rejection is to realize that you are never alone – every dancer experiences roadblocks and obstacles even the ones we admire, even the best dancers in the world. Always remember that no one, not a single successful dancer has turned out successful without rejection.