Here's What Parents Need to Know About Open Day

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A school’s open day, open class, or open house is an event when schools open their doors so parents can get a glimpse into their children's learning day and meet the teachers.

What you are investing in your child's education is definitely something you want to establish and collaborate for great results for your child’s future.

But what do we really need to know about this special day?

Here are some preparations for the parents to know what to expect on their child’s open day.

Make sure to know and read the school discipline policies and procedures.

Take note that  teacher can only cover so much in a short time. If you read the policies and procedures ahead of time, then you'll be able to write a list of questions to ask in the areas of your concern.


In this modern day, perhaps the school’s website will serve as your bible to know all about what the school and the people in it are about.
Although, of course, before you even enroll you should already have known the curriculum you are letting you kid in to. In each school, there is a certain curriculum that teachers are mandated to follow as to keep the uniformity of teaching in all classes.


Parental involvement in a child’s class or any activity is very important. However, over ramification of a parent will definitely be an inconvenience to the child’s learning.  


Children’s performance will always be different when there is a different person on the room. Most kids may seem to get easily distracted when their parents or other new faces are in the room, hence, the loss of focus and attention. For some cases, there will be kids wanting more attention from their parents when they know they are present in the room. Which the tendency will be them clinging on to their parents.

If your kid asks for attention during open class, perhaps going cold turkey will always be a solution. There is a big difference of being their as an audience and watching them, from being there and noticing each and every movement they do. In this case, just be an audience. The talking can always be done at home, or after the open  day.

Shy kids may have the tendency to be frozen when there is a bunch of new faces, or even their own parents are in the room to observe for open day. Psyching them way ahead of their open day can be a help in keeping their minds set to what is about to happen. Picture a two year old child going to their first day of school. What preparations do you do to let know that they will be by themselves? Perhaps it is the same approach as preparing them for open day.

For each open day, it is important that you not only prepare yourself on what to expect, but prepare also your child to know on what happens in open day. Let them know what actually happens during open day, and let them know that it will be fine. If your kids are shy, give them the advice, assurance, and comfort they need. To all kids, do let them know that it is fine if they make a mistake, and that they can try again-- guide them in finding a way to make things better in a more gentle manner and it is always important to not pressure them too much despite your high expectations. Remember that they are still young, and soon enough eventually will develop self-control.

Remember to know more about the school as well, for you to avoid over expectations not only from your child but from the teacher(s) and especially the school as well.