Hong Kong’s Diversity in Dance: A Review of Dance Highlights 2019


Hong Kong Dance Moms debuted its first annual dance showcase, Dance Highlights 2019! It was amazing to see our dance community come together and contribute to such a successful show! This year we featured many amazing talented dance groups and studios across Hong Kong and amongst a vast array of dance styles! Who knew that our city had such a vibrant palette of diversity, talent, art, and culture?

Here to give you the lowdown on these two evenings of performances, is our roundup review! Our emcees, Benny Mok and Reggie Yip did a fantastic job at delivering a bilingual script to host the show. But now I’ll be taking over as your host here on this stage of letters, paragraphs and punctuation marks. House lights out please!

Bringing Dance Education to the Forefront

This year, we focused on dance education amongst youth, to give Hong Kong’s young dancers more opportunities to perform on stage. To get into the spotlight, our 29 selected dance groups and studios had to audition amongst 50 other applicants for a chance to perform in a theatre venue with full technical production and lighting support at no expense.

With over 300 performers this year, Dance Highlights showcased a diverse range of age groups and dance styles!


Give me that Good ol’ Pizzazz, with some Jazz

With intricate formations and energetic moves, the jazz dancers kept the audience on their toes! Not to mention the variety of eye-catching costumes which were all cutely classy and sassy. There were split leaps and striking moves that would make Mr. Bob Fosse himself proud. More importantly, these dancers brought such personality and character to their performances!


Make way for Ballet

Making their pointe, the ballet dancers in our show ranged from little ballerina bubbles to sophisticated young bunheads. There were many bold and sophisticated movements that were perfectly matched by the beauty of classic tutus.


Movement for the Soul

Expanding on our mission for inclusivity and branching out to a wider spectrum of dancers, we invited a lovely group of dancers from a special needs dance troupe, who reminded us that dance is for everyone. With all the passion and power to fill up the stage, this dancing group was all about the love of movement!


The Charm of Chinese Dance

We saw beautiful Chinese Dances that brought a world of culture and heritage to the stage. The dancers created such intricate dance formations and patterns with movements that looked as delicate as the China in my grandmother’s cabinet!


Stop! It’s Hip-Hop Time!

In the words of MC Hammer, “Can’t touch this!” as these hip-hop dancers were on fire!

There was some dynamite dancing from our various urban dance groups, who served up a buffet of styles to the stage, including breaking and hip-hop. These young dancers brought the beat and danced with so much power!


Lovely in Latin

Dancing with sharp accents and quick maneuvers, the Latin dance groups created an intensely energizing ambience with their fierce precision. We even saw a new take on traditional ballroom dance costumes and music, with flashy turquoise jumpsuits and tunes we could sing to in the shower.


Cool as a Cucumber with Contemporary Dance

There were many great contemporary dance pieces in which dancers demonstrated such maturity and commitment beyond their years. Dancing together as a group is not easy at all, as it requires teamwork. We had many dancers with synchronicity that was absolutely sublime.

In a heart-pacing performance, our invited professional guest artists, Ivan Chan and Pansy Lo transported us all to a new time and space with their fluid storytelling and virtuosic movements. Within this contemporary performance titled Losing Soul, the dancing duo combined cinematic scenes with sensitively timed partnering, filling the stage with sheer intensity.

The Ultimate Thank you!

We here at Hong Kong Dance Moms truly appreciate all the time, devotion and passion that everyone contributed to Dance Highlights 2019. A big thank you to all the participating performers, our supportive readers, the audience, and our staff at Hong Kong Dance Moms!

Feeling inspired and ready to bust a move? Be sure to check out our featured video of Dance Highlights on Instagram and Facebook! And maybe we’ll see you on stage at next year’s Dance Highlights 2020? Better start warming-up!