Connecting through Choreography

A Dance Review of The 4th Hong Kong International Choreography Festival

Choreography is an act of creation where the body, movement, and life experiences all collide. When we witness a dance piece on stage, we get a glimpse into a choreographer’s mind, and when we witness dance pieces from local and international choreographers, we open our eyes to the world outside our own.

This year, Unity Space presented and produced the 4th Hong Kong International Choreography Festival (HKICF) at the Sheung Wan Civic Centre Theatre in Hong Kong. Featuring local and international dancers, choreographers and musicians, the festival began in early June where artists met, collaborated, and formed newfound friendships. At the end of the month, there were a series of performances showcasing thirteen different dance works over the course of three days. Hong Kong Dance Moms got a chance to witness the third and final performance, and it was truly visionary!

Dark Bird - Saeed Hani.jpg

Opening the evening with imagination and mystery was the contemporary dance piece titled Dark Bird choreographed by Saeed Hani Möller from Germany and Syria. His movements intertwined the human body with animalistic characteristics and mannerisms. The dancers transformed their bodies between emotions and different creatures that resembled horses, lions and snakes. Reminding us of our human connection to nature.

Falling Like The Apple - Peishan Chiew.jpg

Following this transformative work, was Peishan Chiew’s piece titled, Falling Like The Apple. Presenting her choreography all the way from Singapore, her movements showcased lifts and drops in which the dancers literally fell to the ground like apples. Not only proving Newton’s law of gravity, this work also explored the idea of fragility, and consumption. Rethinking how we look at objects, possessions and material.

Sharing the artistry of Greek choreographers Dionysios Alamanos & Danae Dimitriadi was their piece titled ATMA. Executing their movements, gestures and facial expressions with such detail, intricacy and commitment, this duet took us through an intense journey of the hunter and the hunted, the prey and the predator, weaving us through life’s elements of dissonance and harmony. The way Alamanos & Dimitriadi articulated and manoeuvred their fingers, hands and arms was intriguing to the naked human eye. Creating images for the audience that were both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

MayBE - Vangelis Legakis.jpg

Choreographed by the Artistic Director of Unity Space himself, Vangelis Legakis presented his work, MayBE. Performed by The Van-L Dance Company, this dance piece provided an experimental atmosphere of light, tranquility and simplicity. The humble manner of the performers created a lighthearted connection that allowed the audience to laugh and see beyond the walls of art and seriousness. Sometimes we forget that art wears many faces, and it’s not all that serious.


To conclude the evening was Lewis Major’s choreography, Epilogue. Presented by Australia’s Lewis Major Projects company, this solo was performed effortlessly and flawlessly by Pascal Marty of France. Talcum powder covered the stage and the sole dancer who stood like a roman statue. With each movement, the powder drifted off his body like an old rustic ruin falling to dust. Moving between past and present, Major’s choreography zapped us through time with classical piano variations by Debussy, contrasted by remixed music sounds and contemporary dance movements. Epilogue was utterly classic and ethereal.


The week of performances, showcased other fantastic performances that featured artists from Argentina, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia, Vietnam, and China. The international representation of artists and dancers was awe-inspiring.

Dance is a portal for expression and communication that allows movers and artists to create. Choreography allows people to connect, connect the dots, connect with people, and connect with life. Hats off to the talented artists, choreographers and performers of the 4th Hong Kong International Choreography Festival!

Photo Credit: Unity Space