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Loving Your Body: The Key to Enjoying Dance

Times are changing, and we as a dance society are slowly but surely moving away from the idea that the body is simply just a frame, and instead we are beginning to see the body as a whole. From the inside of our body which fuels, moves and supports us, to the outside of our body which allows us to express ourselves, while discovering and exploring all that life has to offer!

Loving the body, and treating it with kindness is the key to fully experiencing the joys of dance, as well as discovering the full capacity of your dance abilities. Knowing how to take care of your body is all about truly listening to yourself and your needs, from physical training to rest and nutrition!

Physical Training

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Remember that we all have uniquely different bodies, even if we can be somewhat “categorised”, our bodies are still entirely different from one another. Which is why it is important to give yourself the time to try out different dance styles and supplemental forms of physical training that allow you to reap the most benefits. Common forms of supplemental training that dancers turn to include Pilates, Yoga, Cross-Fit, Running, and Swimming. But have you ever thought about taking up Muay Thai Boxing, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, Ice Skating, Rock Climbing, or maybe even joining a Trampoline Dodgeball team? By training the body through different types of physical activity, we are setting up the body to be more versatile in dance. We expose the body to unfamiliar movement patterns, rewire our muscle memory, and even target muscle groups that have never been touched! So instead of hitting the gym next time, think about trying a new form of physical training, and who knows you might surprise yourself!


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With all that talk on the importance of physical training, we sometimes forget that we need to let our bodies rest. Once again, the definition of rest can vary from person to person. Some of us need to let our bodies completely rest by avoiding all forms of physical activity. While others, may define ‘rest’ as being gently mobile throughout the day, doing light stretching or mobility sequences. It is important to know when to rest the body, to avoid overuse injuries. Dancers tend to need that extra rest reminder, as their determination to train and ‘push through’ is one that sometimes causes serious injuries overtime. Resting the body is the first step, but resting the mind also allows dancers to refresh and rejuvenate their ability to pick up choreography or combat those performance nerves.


It goes without saying that our daily diets are never one in the same. We all have different food preferences, tastes, and dietary restrictions. Of course, there are plenty of books, experts, television shows and articles that provide recommendations for a healthy diet. But as dancers, it is important to listen to your body. How does your body respond or react to different types of foods? How often do you need to fuel your body so that you can grand jeté all day? Ideally as dancers, we want to aim for foods that energize us, provide our body with nutrients so that we can use both our brains and our bodies, and of course food that tastes good! Don’t forget to bring your water bottle to class, because staying hydrated allows you to spin, leap and glide for hours on end. One reason why we dance is because it is part of the many joys of life, which is the same reason we love food too! For all the dance foodies out there, be sure to check our Dancers’ Cookbook page!

Give yourself the biggest hug and learn how to find the right balance of training, resting and fuelling your body. Everybody deserves a little TLC! So be patient and take the time to respect the beauty of your uniqueness and individuality. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to treat myself to some dark chocolate, a couple of minutes of shavasana, and maybe even try out tree trekking!

Photo Credits: Dancewear Centre, and Bruce Mars from Pexels


Back to School & Back to the Barre

A List of Dance Schools in Hong Kong

It’s time to go back to school and back to the barre! Most dance studios begin their new school year in September, so now’s the time to get moving and grooving. Wondering where to learn dance in Hong Kong? Not to worry, as Hong Kong Dance Moms has got you covered. To help you find the right fit, we’ve listed nearly 200 dance schools in Hong Kong!

With so many dance schools in Hong Kong, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. Hong Kong Dance Moms has created a directory of all the dance schools in this great big city, which you can visit by clicking here. We’ve categorised the studios under twelve different dance styles, so that you can easily navigate and discover the diversity of Hong Kong’s dance community! 

Want to know a little bit more about each dance style? Read on and find the groove that suits you!


The majority of dance studios in Hong Kong offer multiple dance styles and classes to provide students with a one-stop service that allows for more options and versatility in their body training. Primarily offering foundational dance styles such as ballet, jazz and contemporary, these studios may also branch out into hip-hop, urban dance, yoga, pilates, and supplemental strength and flexibility training. Studios like this are important in creating well-rounded dance artists. Plus, it is more convenient for students as they get to learn multiple dance styles under one roof. 


Known as one of the foundational forms of dance technique, ballet is great for developing flexibility, strength, agility, and artistry. Ballet is often epitomized as graceful and elegant, but if you ever speak with someone who has learned this highly intense dance form, they will tell you that it is so much more. It trains your body to be dynamic and versatile, adapting your movements from soft and controlled, to sharp, powerful and expansive. On top of all that, ballet requires dancers to be expressive, tapping into their deepest emotions to create presence and communication through their face and body. Ballet can be taught under 3 different training systems; Vaganova (Russian ballet method), Royal Academy of Dance (UK-based), and Cecchetti (Italian-based). There is a lot of cross-over between these three methods, but there are also some variations amongst the movement vocabulary and the execution of dance steps. Ballet does include pointe work, but this is not for the faint of heart, as it is only taught to intermediate dancers who have developed the appropriate strength, stability and agility. Though ballet is known for being a tough, strict and serious dance form, it also has a fun side to it! The challenge is part of the fun, executing new movements and testing the limits of your body and artistry. Plus, you get to play different characters and roles when learning repertoire. Aside from the technical aspect of ballet, the determination, passion and perseverance required to master this art form is also what provides a great starting point in your dance training. 


Showcasing sharp, slick and stylish movements, Jazz is all about technique, flair, finesse and sass. Though it shares some similar foundational dance vocabulary with ballet, Jazz dance is a more showy and commercial style of dance that is performed to upbeat music such as pop, rock, or jazz. Great for boosting your confidence and elevating your dance tricks, jazz dance brings you out of your box. Don’t get me wrong, Jazz dance still requires a lot of hard work, skill and discipline, but it also allows you to dance to your favourite tunes while feeling the glitz and glam of the spotlight.

Hip Hop & Urban Dance

With its roots in America, Hip Hop and Urban Dance branches out to so many different dance forms such as breaking, popping & locking, waacking, jazz funk, boogaloo, and the list goes on. Sure it may look “cool”, but it goes beyond superficial aesthetics, and into a deeper understanding of dance, culture and identity. Hip Hop is about finding your groove, your style, your voice and putting a mark on it. While you still learn foundational movements, Hip Hop embraces the distinctiveness of your mannerisms and natural movement qualities. Rather than trying to look like everyone else, hip hop challenges you to create your own style and image. Not to mention, it is great for training your strength, memory, agility, attitude and body isolations. 

Chinese Dance

In the heart of Hong Kong, lies a rich bounty of heritage, art and culture. While preserving important art forms and traditions, Chinese Dance also keeps up with the times and incorporates modern day elements and aesthetics. With a wide range of Chinese Dance styles that originate from different regions in China, there are so many different styles within this form that test a dancer’s versatility and adaptability. Known for its strict training regimen and disciplinary studio environment, Chinese Dance is also a very vibrant and dynamic dance form, as it has many dances with props such as hand fans, handkerchiefs, swords, lanterns, and much more!


Tap dance is the meeting point of rhythm, musicality, and movement. Learn complex rhythms and footwork that test the coordination of your mind and body. Heavily used in Musical Theatre, Tap dance is all about feeling the beat and being one with the rhythm. 

Rhythmic Gymnastics & Acrobatics

The first word that comes to mind is flexibility. However, strength, dynamics and agility are just as important in rhythmic gymnastics and acrobatics. Dance training itself cannot always develop the strength and flexibility that is required of an elite dancer. Therefore, many dancers also learn gymnastics and acrobatics in their early training to create a stronger foundation for their dance technique.

Latin & Ballroom Dance

Unlike most dance styles, Latin & Ballroom Dance introduces students to partnering work from day one. Dancing with a partner requires deep listening and an understanding of trust and support. Both parties in a couple must carry the weight and work impeccably as a team. Latin and Ballroom Dance feature both classical and upbeat dance styles. The fierceness of a Latin dancer is incomparable, and the poise of a ballroom dancer is utterly breathtaking. 

Learning Centres & Creative Dance

Catered towards preschool children and early childhood learning & development, learning centres offer students the basic foundations of academics, creativity and the arts. Various learning centres will offer creative dance classes for preschool children to introduce them to movement, music and imagination. The dance styles taught at learning centres emphasize learning development and growth rather than focusing on strong dance technique.


Fierce and fiery is this highly musical and intense dance form originating from Spain. Build strength in your rhythm, and power in your body with flamenco dance as you stomp and clap to create your own intricate and complex rhythms. 

Bollywood & Belly Dance

Ain’t no party like a bollywood party! Take a trip to India with the energetic and lively movements and music of Bollywood. You can’t help but smile when dancing Bollywood, it provides fun movement for the soul. Move towards the Middle East and discover the suppleness and fluidity of Belly dancing. A true test of isolation and controlling the body, Belly dance will have you moving seamlessly.

Irish Dance

Riverdance your way to stardom with Irish Dance! Work on your body alignment and posture, and discover some fancy footwork as your dabble into the world of jigs, reels and hornpipes.

Ready to discover the rhythm of the night (...or day if you’re a morning person)? Check out our Hong Kong Dance Schools Listing!

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Dance Costumes Made to Wow!

Bring that va-va-voom and wow factor to the stage, because we’re featuring some of the most amazing dance costumes from past professional dance productions. Get inspired and add a bit of pizzazz to your next casual Friday outfit!


Puttin’ On The Ritz with all that Glitz

Eric Underwood as the Caterpillar in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Photo by Johan Persson, Courtesy of The Royal Ballet © ROH : Johan Persson 2013.png

Put on your chicest pair of sunglasses before you hit the theatre, because this costume glimmers, glares and sparkles! First staged by The Royal Ballet, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a spectacular ballet choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon. The feet of eight dancers on pointe appear In the iconic scene where the caterpillar enters the stage. As if the synchronised movements of the ballerinas weren’t spectacular enough, they each wore a pair of royal blue pointe shoes embellished with crystals. The entire performance features the creative ingenuity of Bob Crowley’s costume designs. Besides the beautiful dancing and choreography that goes into a production, it’s important to recognise the role of the many artistic elements that bring this vision to life.


Borrowing from the Past

Photo by Bruce Zinger, courtesy of The National Ballet of Canada.png

Fashion is all about finding a balance between the past, present and future. When costume designers create innovative costumes for a dance production, they tend to borrow from the past and project the future. Hong Kong Dance Company’s production of Red Poppies featured a wealth of culture, heritage, and innovative designs. Borrowing elements of traditional Tibetan garments, Cui Binghua’s costumes incorporate intriguing designs while showcasing the beauty of Liu Lingli’s choreography. Chinese Dance costumes are known to marry fashion with function, creating a relationship in which the movement and the garments complement one another.


The Bigger, The Better

Scene from Whipped Cream. Photo by Gene Schiavone, Courtesy of American Ballet Theatre.png

“After all imagination is a beautiful thing” – Zora Neale Hurston

Reminding us where our creativity ignites, Alexei Ratmansky’s ballet Whipped Cream is all about releasing your wildest dreams. Performed by The American Ballet Theatre, this playful storyline is big and bold. The costumes designed by Mark Ryden are inspired by our favourite childhood candies, treats and pastries. Make sure to watch this ballet on a full stomach, or you’ll be growling for the next hour and a half.


‘Werk’ that Quirk

Photo by Dean Alexander, Courtesy of Hong Kong Ballet .png

Turning Hong Kong’s extreme working culture, into a technicolor ‘werking’ culture is Hong Kong Ballet’s 40th Anniversary ad campaign. It’s not easy to pull off these neon colours, let alone doing it in ballet tights and leotards. But Hong Kong Ballet brings out the fun and quirky characteristics of Hong Kong, while staying true to the strength, power and beauty of ballet.


Light it up!

Photo by Kyle Ford.png

Kwok’s Kung Fu & Dragon Lion Dance Team is transforming tradition by lighting up local Hong Kong festivities with an LED Lion Dance. As the leader of the dance troupe, Andy Kwok is all about keeping up with the times while still honouring heritage and tradtion. The LED Lion Dance features lights on the costume that are coordinated to the rhythm of the music. These lions know how to break it down on the dance floor with some hip hop, and they can literally light up any party!

A dash of Pumpkin Spice

Photo by Bruce Zinger, courtesy of The National Ballet of Canada.png

Cinderella is notoriously known for her glass slipper and pumpkin carriage, two things that no one in their right mind would ever bring to a ball (though I’m sure someone from the Met Gala could prove me wrong). Nevertheless, Cinderella is a fairytale…which means that anything goes! James Kudelka’s ballet production of Cinderella performed by The National Ballet of Canada was filled with imaginatively fantastical costumes. David Boechler’s costume designs featured the classical elements of ballet, whilst adding light-hearted humour to this ‘all too serious’ art form. The mascot-like pumpkin heads that the male dancers wore during the waltz scene was just the right amount of pumpkin spice!

Thou Costume is Blazing

To dance or not to dance, that is the question. To dance, obviously! Crystal Pite’s contemporary choreographic work, The Tempest Replica is based on motifs of Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest. Performed by Kidd Pivot, these dancers are transformed into unworldly beings by Nancy Bryant’s brilliant costumes. These designs are no basic plain white T-shirts, the details are in the seams from head to toe.

Fashion is not exclusive to the runway or red carpets, it’s everywhere we go, but it is also an important part of dance. So next time you catch a dance performance, pay attention to the other artistic elements of the performance and see what you discover!

Photo Credits: 1. Photo by Dean Alexander, Courtesy of Hong Kong Ballet | 2. Photo by Johan Persson, Courtesy of The Royal Ballet © ROH / Johan Persson 2013 | 3. Photo by Crystal Kwok, Courtesy of Hong Kong Dance Company | 4. Photo by Gene Schiavone, Courtesy of American Ballet Theatre | 5. Photo by Dean Alexander, Courtesy of Hong Kong Ballet | 6. Photo by Kyle Ford | 7. Photo by Bruce Zinger, Courtesy of The National Ballet of Canada | 8. Photo by Jörg Baumann, Courtesy of Kidd Pivot

Red Poppies review – A Junction of Theatrics, Cultural Heritage, and Dance

Building a surge of intensity with the sound of Tibetan Longhorns and powerfully percussive beats, Red Poppies reveals a wealth of cultural heritage and dance through a theatrical performance.


Making its fourth run in Hong Kong, this collaboration project between Hong Kong Dance Company and Sichuan Province Song and Dance Theatre Company adapts a traditional Tibetan tale written by Alai into a dance drama.

Depicting the story of a ruling family torn by power and ethics, this epic dance drama pairs cultural traditions with a timeless story that poses relevance to our world today.


At first, the movements choreographed by Liu Lingli appear to be unfamiliar to our everyday understanding of modern-day dance vocabulary, occupied by crouched postures, wide boisterous stances and large waddling strides. Overtime, spectacular turns, swift jumps, and flips begin to catch our eyes. Creating the perfect timeline for story development, Red Poppies blends drama, love and morals into a full-length evening performance.

Just like binge watching a Netflix series, a viewer cannot help but become totally absorbed into this world. Settling into this storyline crafted by dynamic movements, gestures, songs by Liang Zhongqi, text by Bai Xiaochuan, and extravagant props and sets, the performance takes various loops and turns.


Regardless of whether or not a dance drama may be your cup of tea, the costume and set design in itself is worth witnessing. Designed by Cui Binghua, the costumes were so vibrant and lush with various layers, embellishments and intricate details. Watch out Fashion Week 2020! Truly an all or nothing set & props designer, Zhang Jiwen brings pure brilliance with the raining effect of wheat kernels that fall from the ceiling, creating a scenic backdrop.


Hong Kong Dance Company’s very own Huang Lei danced with such strength, presence and commitment to his role of Chieftain Maichi. Lei embodied his character down to every detail, gesture and mannerism. The contrasting roles of the stark and stoic Elder Son and the klutzy but kind Younger Son were matched perfectly. A villainous performance was made by Zhu Zhuoran of Hong Kong Dance Company as he took on the role of the Elder Son. The Younger Son of this brother duo was performed by Pei Zihao of Sichuan Song and Dance Theatre Company. Bringing fire and finesse to the stage was the beautiful Tana, performed by Zhao Xiaojing of Sichuan Song and Dance Theatre Company. The pairing of these dance artists from two dance companies made for an exciting performance.


Red Poppies is a junction for theatrics, cultural heritage, dance, music and art. Forming a new appreciation and understanding for art and culture, this was truly an outstanding performance!

Photo credits: Tony Lee & Henry Wong

Summer Dance Listing in Hong Kong

The temperature may be rising, but not to fret as there are plenty of indoor summer dance programs offered around Hong Kong. Summer is a season for adventure, exploration, air conditioning and most importantly dance! Hong Kong Dance Moms is bringing out the lasso and rounding up a spectacular list of Summer Dance Programs in Hong Kong!

Academy of Dance


Academy of Dance summer camps are split into two groups, providing choices that cater to what your children are looking for this summer! The first group of classes are our FUN based dance camps. Here, you will learn routines, meet friends, engage in imaginative and creative dance. Running from July 22nd - August 23rd is our Disney Dance for 3-5 year olds. Disco Divas for 6-9 year olds, along with Hip Hop Kultcha for the same age group will take place from July 8th - August 23rd. The second group of classes are our Elite training camps. With a focus on learning technique, Hip Hop/Jazz and Contemporary Routines. Dance students will leave these intensive classes with new skills, as well as new friends! Check out our page here for more information and sign up today!

BE Dance Academy

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BE Cool...BE Dance… with BE Dance Academy this summer! Our Summer Dance Course is now open for registration, so don’t miss out on the early bird discount and register before June 18, 2019! We’ve got all the Urban Dance styles you need, K-Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop and more! Participants who attend at least 80% of our summer classes will have the chance to participate in the BE Dance NO.3 Summer Showcase 2019 on August 25, 2019.  So BE a part of our summer!

Dee Dream Life


Keeping your kids entertained all summer long can be a daunting task. If your little one is into all things dance, yoga and music, look no further than Move for Dee Dream Life Summer Camp for a memorable experience! You can choose a different class in 1 camp depending on the age of your child. Dee Dream Life Summer Camp is perfect for kids ages 2 and above and an accompanying adult is welcome to join the Parents + Kids Yoga, where you can partner with your toddler in simple animated poses, games, music and breathing exercises that help to strengthen coordination and build body awareness. The Kids Cha-Cha-Cha is ideal for kids ages 4 and above. In this class, children will learn to dance this vivacious and timeless Cuban style of movement to modern day music. Yoga for kids is for ages 5-11, in this they will learn to work on physical postures, flexibility and strength while improving mental focus and concentration. In our camp, we promise creative and fun activities that include lots of dancing, flexibility, strength, mental focus, concentration and fun games. Let the fun begin! For information visit our website here.

Doris Chui School of Ballet 崔藹璇芭蕾舞學校

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The most anticipated time of year for a student, during their study period is most definitely summer vacation! Now that summer is approaching, you’re probably arranging activities for your children. These days, children rarely get to explore and play during their summer holidays, as they usually enroll into academic summer classes. Why not change it up this summer, and let your child dress beautifully and elegantly in a ballet class? Founded in 2005, DC Ballet aims to promote ballet and is committed to providing a perfect learning path for school children. DC Ballet runs summer classes every year to provide a wonderful experience for children who have never studied ballet. It allows children to experience and feel what ballet is, thus opening up their interests to music and dance. This year, DC Ballet will launch the "2019 Summer Ballet Performance Class". Our tutors will teach children different ballet movements with songs and music accompaniment. Children can step onto stage during their summer graduation performance and show their results! The Summer Course consists of 4 main categories which include, the introduction to ballet history, warm-up & stretching, basic ballet technique, and dance teaching.

Dream Dimension

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Diversify your movement at Dream Dimension this summer! We have numerous dance classes and other arts activities taking place during our Summer Course 2019! Our dance classes include Jazz, K-pop, Hip-Hop, Chinese Dance, Girl's jazz and more. Classes are open to students from ages 3-15+. Our teachers are professional, passionate and caring. Students will enjoy this dance experience and move with pure satisfaction. Come and join us this summer!

Ellumination Dance Studio


We will be hosting a “Summer Dance Party” on August 11, 2019 from 3-5pm. There will be live Bellydance and Tahitian Dance performances, as well as dance demonstrations and workshops. Those who join our summer trial class will be invited to perform in the party. Deriving from Tahiti, Ori Tahiti, or Tahitian dance, is a dynamic and graceful dance known for its beautiful songs and fast and energetic drum beats. Tahitian Dance mainly consists of Otea (fast drum dance) and Aparima (slow dance). It is a great cardiovascular workout and body toning exercise consisting of fast rhythmic hip shaking, slow & smooth hip movements and storytelling with hand and arm gestures. Originating from Egypt, Bellydance is a beautiful form of movement that is characterized by torso and hip movements. Through training and dancing in Bellydance, you will learn to articulate, coordinate and isolate the body and muscles . Slow wave-like and circular movements give you flexibility and improved circulation, while fast and vibrating moves improve muscle strength and cardiovascular health. Now that you’ve learnt about the background of Tahitian Dance and Bellydance, try it out for yourself this summer! For more information, contact us via our facebook page here!

G-Kids Dance Academy

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Summer Dance Class 2019 is back again! From July to August, G-Kids Dance Academy is offering an escape from the books with summer dance classes which teach children basic dance skills that are full of fun! Ballet will be offered for children ages 3-6. Using classical ballet as the foundation of movement, this course combines music and storytelling to teach young children basic ballet steps and movements, mind-body coordination, muscle control, musicality and rhythm. Children will learn good posture, concentration, and develop self-confidence through our fun and creative class environment. K-POP for ages 7-12 is a high-energy class, that is great for body coordination, improving musicality and rhythm. This style of dance can be seen in all your favorite Korean MTVs! This popular course enables students to learn the basic steps of K-Pop. Students will learn body coordination and rhythm in an energetic way. Whether it’s Ballet or K-POP, join in on the summer fun!

SGM Dance Production

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SGM is holding a Summer Workshop for students ages 12-18! Get in on our summer studio promotion and special discounts! The Intensive Summer Pass includes basic dance classes, showcase rehearsals, and participation in the SGM Showcase which is being held at “ZOO” on August 31, 2019 at 7:30pm! Choose from K-Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, and Urban Dance to learn all the best moves during our Summer Workshop classes. This summer is all about dance, fun and performance training, so join in on this amazing experience!

Studio Assemblé

This year, our school is holding a 5-day Ballet and Musical Jazz summer intensive course. Classes are designed for different age groups and tailored according to the abilities of individuals. Our summer intensive encourages children to learn different forms of dancing, while instilling confidence and creativity. A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to students with an attendance rate of 80% or above. Want to know more? Take a look at our facebook page here.

The 5th Position Method

hanoko 2.jpg

Summer Intensive (July 1-13): The 5th Position is thrilled to announce that we will be hosting our summer intensive here in Hong Kong this year! Join us for a week of unparalleled training for ages 8-18 in ballet technique, contemporary, floor barre and musical theatre repertoire. Visit our website here for more information!

Trio Spin Studio


“Travel the world and experience dance", this is the main idea of our Summer Camp. "Travelling broadens our horizons", our Summer Camp shows children the world through different dance forms. Bollywood (India), Creative Tango (Argentina), Kathak (Classical Indian dance), Kpop (Korea) & Street Dance (America), these dance forms and their cultures will be experienced and introduced to children, using our imagination and movement to travel to faraway places. Children will learn to move with grace and confidence. The variety of music we explore, will allow children to develop different tastes of dance styles, thus making them aware of the emotions, posture and attitude required in each dance. While learning, they will explore creativity, develop teamwork, communication and collaboration skills. You can be sure that your children will have a lot of FUN! Find out more information here on our webpage!

Twinkle Dance Company

Screenshot 2019-06-10 at 9.53.45 PM.png

Granting your wishes, Twinkle Dance Company is offering a fun and fantastical, Summer Dance 2019 Magic Lamp program this summer! Our program is all about adventure, magic and fun, with a new and exciting two-week Shadow Dance summer camp! Throughout the summer, we will be offering classes in Ballet and Jazz for ages 2-12. Students will journey to ‘a whole new world’, filled with magic carpet rides, genies, and Arabian dance. Within our two-week summer camp, we will be exploring the art of Shadow Dance. What is a shadow dance, you might ask? A shadow dance is a unique learning experience that combines dance, theatre production, creativity and flexibility behind a spectacular white backdrop that is illuminated by a light. With flexipack options and multiple locations around Hong Kong including a new location in Discovery Bay, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. What a wonderful way to explore ‘a whole new world’ of dance and the theme of the Magic Lamp! Please visit our website here for more information. We can’t wait to see you all this summer!

Yaya Kids Dance

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‘WE ARE RECRUITING!’ for YAYAKIDS Summer Course x Summer Party 2019!


Recalling the fun and joy of ‘YAYAKIDS Summer Showcase’ in 2018, we are more than pleased to announce ‘YAYAKIDS Summer Showcase 2019’! This year, the venue of YAYAKIDS Summer Showcase is at the VESSEL in Kwun Tong Promenade, and will take place on September 1st, 2019. Not only will we feature dance performances, but we will also celebrate this annual grand occasion with hearty refreshments and game booths. Why do we DANCE? To boost confidence, improve coordination, strengthen muscles, improve brain health and memory, make new friends, and to FEEL HAPPIER! To enjoy our party, SIGN-UP for our Summer Course! Alternatively, you can sign up for our free trial which will be held before the Summer Course starts. We will offer 15% off the summer course package upon immediate sign-up after the free trial! Do not miss this chance to take part in this year’s wonderful Summer Showcase!

Wait! We’ve rounded up a few more:


Urban Dance (Hip-Hop):

Chinese Dance:

Latin/Ballroom Dance:

A little bit of this & that (Offering Various Dance Styles):

Disney Parade/Ocean Park Performance:

The ranch is all yours, so giddy-up and have a fantastic summer of exploration, movement, creativity and most importantly DANCE!