Father's Day

Perfecting the Father Daughter Dance

father daughter dance.png

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday celebration, or a dance class, you never know when you’ll need to be ready to do a father daughter dance. With Father’s Day just around the corner, we’re sharing our noteworthy tips to perfect your next father daughter dance and build beautiful memories.

He’s Got Class & Style

Don’t forget to smile and choose a dance style! Whether you’re taking a dance class or choreographing your own routine, find out what dance style you like. A great way to find this out, is to make a playlist of different music genres and get groovy with your moves. Let the music guide you towards your natural way of moving.

The simple two-step slow dance is a classic go-to for a father daughter dance, but you can always step outside the box! With a world of dance styles to choose from, here are just a few suggestions:

·      Hip-hop Dance Mashup

·      Retro Swing Dance

·      Funny Dad Dance Routine (check out “The Evolution of Dad Dancing” for inspiration)

·      Tip Tapping Tap Number

·      Royal Waltz

·      Ballet Pas-de-deux

Turn up the Tunes

Music is such a motivator, so make sure to choose a song that really speaks to you. Who says you have to pick just one song? Get crafty with Garageband and make a music mash-up of your favourite songs! Here’s a playlist of some of our favourite father daughter dance tunes:

1.     Isn’t She Lovely By: Stevie Wonder

In celebration of the birth of his little girl, Stevie Wonder wrote this beautiful song with an infectious beat. This tune is easy to dance to, and you can choose to do the “Carlton” dance or keep it ‘Dad Dance’ free with a Jive or Foxtrot.

2.     Lean On Me By: Ady Suleiman

Originally written by Bill Withers, this acoustic cover by Ady Suleiman is a soulful song for those who want something soft and slow, but with a little bit of a back beat.

3.     I’ll Be There By: The Jackson 5

If you want to surprise your audience with a classic slow dance that breaks into a whole dance routine with synchronised arm gestures and grape-vines, this tune is the one for you!

4.     The Way You Look Tonight By: Frank Sinatra

Croon to this tune, with some classic Sinatra. Perfect for a swing dance, or some classy, jazzy, and Gatsby-esque moves.

5.     Do You Believe in Magic By: The Lovin’ Spoonful

Written by John Sebastian, this feel good song will be sure to bring out dad’s groovy moves.

6.     You’ll Be In My Heart By: Phil Collins

Whether or not we’d like to admit it, Disney has probably been responsible for many of our favourite father daughter memories. A father himself to the famous actress Lily Collins, singer-songwriter Phil Collins wrote this song for the film Tarzan, and you can clearly hear that he sings from the heart.

7.     My Little Girl By: Jack Johnson

Though this song may not be the easiest to dance to, its lyrics run deep. Suitable for a sweet slow dance, or maybe even some interpretive dance moves (à la Napoleon Dynamite), you can be sure that there won’t be a dry eye in the room.

8.     Unforgettable By: Nat King Cole

One of the most memorable tunes that just so happens to be a waltz! If you want to glide across the dance floor, hand-in-hand, then Nat King Cole will accompany you step-by-step.

9.     Turn up The Love By: Far East Movement

This one is for all the dads who like to party! If you like to pop n’ lock and prefer to jump to the beat, then start the party with this irresistible song.

10.  My Girl By: The Temptations

Turn any cloudy day upside-down with this tune. Dad can move it like it’s 1964 with this timeless masterpiece.

A Few Last Tips

1.     Stepping on Toes: I know it’s hard if you have two left feet, but don’t step on your daughter’s toes! However, when your little girl steps onto your shoes for a nice slow dance, well that’s just a precious moment!

2.     Function over Fashion: Dress up for the occasion, but make sure that you can still move comfortably. Confidence and comfort make for a successful dance performance!

3.     Bring a Hankie: The pocket square on a suit or jacket is there for a reason, so be sure to bring a handkerchief. Even if your daughter is not in tears by the end of the father daughter dance, you might need to wipe away those tears of joy.

4.     Power of Presence: Be present in the moment. Remember that the more you enjoy dancing, the more your daughter will too! No one is expecting you to be a backup dancer for Beyoncé or a principal dancer for The Royal Ballet, so have fun and dance like no one’s watching!

Don’t know where to begin? The simple act of placing your palm out to invite your daughter to dance is all you need to show your little girl just how much you love her. Continue being that amazing dad who takes his daughter to dance class, breaks in her pointe shoes with hardware tools, or makes a mean French braid and exquisite ballet bun. To all the dads out there, we would like to wish you a Happy Father’s Day!