Project HK: Shining the Limelight on Hong Kong’s Young Dancers

Having grown up with disposable film cameras, it is amazing to see how far we’ve come with photography. From drones to GoPros, the field for developing artistry is vast. The pairing of dance and photography has opened up new pathways for both dancers and artists. As the industry is changing, it is important to create opportunities for our youth to explore the possibilities in art and dance.

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Capturing the incomparable character of the city and the brilliance of young dancers, PROJECT HK is a creative photography and dance based art project that features stunning photographs of Hong Kong’s talented youth!

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With the emergence of other photography projects which feature professional dancers amongst scenic cityscapes, PROJECT HK was developed to create an opportunity for children to engage in these creative photography projects. The first of its kind in Hong Kong, PROJECT HK captures photographs of young dancers amongst some of the city’s most iconic landmarks!

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These ravishing photos share the gems and best-kept-secrets of Hong Kong, highlighting the contrast between the busy, modern and cosmopolitan cityscape versus the tranquil, historic and breath-taking views of Hong Kong’s natural landscapes.

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Dance photography is not an easy thing to do, as it requires capturing art in motion. A particularly remarkable aspect of PROJECT HK, is the process that was required to snap these stunning photos. Notoriously known for its dense population, the hubs of Hong Kong are crowded, busy and booming. The dancers, photographer and crew needed to be quick and on their A-game to capture these photos. Though very talented, these dancers are still children, so it is truly commendable the energy, commitment and patience that these young folks had to sustain. Nevertheless, PROJECT HK provides an innovatively fun and challenging outlet for these young dancers to share their passion for dance and their home to the world!


Be sure to check out the full collection of photos from PROJECT HK! And maybe you’ll discover a few new spots in the city to snap your next jump shot or selfie!

Photo Credits: Twinkle Dance Company