Back to School & Back to the Barre

A List of Dance Schools in Hong Kong

It’s time to go back to school and back to the barre! Most dance studios begin their new school year in September, so now’s the time to get moving and grooving. Wondering where to learn dance in Hong Kong? Not to worry, as Hong Kong Dance Moms has got you covered. To help you find the right fit, we’ve listed nearly 200 dance schools in Hong Kong!

With so many dance schools in Hong Kong, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. Hong Kong Dance Moms has created a directory of all the dance schools in this great big city, which you can visit by clicking here. We’ve categorised the studios under twelve different dance styles, so that you can easily navigate and discover the diversity of Hong Kong’s dance community! 

Want to know a little bit more about each dance style? Read on and find the groove that suits you!


The majority of dance studios in Hong Kong offer multiple dance styles and classes to provide students with a one-stop service that allows for more options and versatility in their body training. Primarily offering foundational dance styles such as ballet, jazz and contemporary, these studios may also branch out into hip-hop, urban dance, yoga, pilates, and supplemental strength and flexibility training. Studios like this are important in creating well-rounded dance artists. Plus, it is more convenient for students as they get to learn multiple dance styles under one roof. 


Known as one of the foundational forms of dance technique, ballet is great for developing flexibility, strength, agility, and artistry. Ballet is often epitomized as graceful and elegant, but if you ever speak with someone who has learned this highly intense dance form, they will tell you that it is so much more. It trains your body to be dynamic and versatile, adapting your movements from soft and controlled, to sharp, powerful and expansive. On top of all that, ballet requires dancers to be expressive, tapping into their deepest emotions to create presence and communication through their face and body. Ballet can be taught under 3 different training systems; Vaganova (Russian ballet method), Royal Academy of Dance (UK-based), and Cecchetti (Italian-based). There is a lot of cross-over between these three methods, but there are also some variations amongst the movement vocabulary and the execution of dance steps. Ballet does include pointe work, but this is not for the faint of heart, as it is only taught to intermediate dancers who have developed the appropriate strength, stability and agility. Though ballet is known for being a tough, strict and serious dance form, it also has a fun side to it! The challenge is part of the fun, executing new movements and testing the limits of your body and artistry. Plus, you get to play different characters and roles when learning repertoire. Aside from the technical aspect of ballet, the determination, passion and perseverance required to master this art form is also what provides a great starting point in your dance training. 


Showcasing sharp, slick and stylish movements, Jazz is all about technique, flair, finesse and sass. Though it shares some similar foundational dance vocabulary with ballet, Jazz dance is a more showy and commercial style of dance that is performed to upbeat music such as pop, rock, or jazz. Great for boosting your confidence and elevating your dance tricks, jazz dance brings you out of your box. Don’t get me wrong, Jazz dance still requires a lot of hard work, skill and discipline, but it also allows you to dance to your favourite tunes while feeling the glitz and glam of the spotlight.

Hip Hop & Urban Dance

With its roots in America, Hip Hop and Urban Dance branches out to so many different dance forms such as breaking, popping & locking, waacking, jazz funk, boogaloo, and the list goes on. Sure it may look “cool”, but it goes beyond superficial aesthetics, and into a deeper understanding of dance, culture and identity. Hip Hop is about finding your groove, your style, your voice and putting a mark on it. While you still learn foundational movements, Hip Hop embraces the distinctiveness of your mannerisms and natural movement qualities. Rather than trying to look like everyone else, hip hop challenges you to create your own style and image. Not to mention, it is great for training your strength, memory, agility, attitude and body isolations. 

Chinese Dance

In the heart of Hong Kong, lies a rich bounty of heritage, art and culture. While preserving important art forms and traditions, Chinese Dance also keeps up with the times and incorporates modern day elements and aesthetics. With a wide range of Chinese Dance styles that originate from different regions in China, there are so many different styles within this form that test a dancer’s versatility and adaptability. Known for its strict training regimen and disciplinary studio environment, Chinese Dance is also a very vibrant and dynamic dance form, as it has many dances with props such as hand fans, handkerchiefs, swords, lanterns, and much more!


Tap dance is the meeting point of rhythm, musicality, and movement. Learn complex rhythms and footwork that test the coordination of your mind and body. Heavily used in Musical Theatre, Tap dance is all about feeling the beat and being one with the rhythm. 

Rhythmic Gymnastics & Acrobatics

The first word that comes to mind is flexibility. However, strength, dynamics and agility are just as important in rhythmic gymnastics and acrobatics. Dance training itself cannot always develop the strength and flexibility that is required of an elite dancer. Therefore, many dancers also learn gymnastics and acrobatics in their early training to create a stronger foundation for their dance technique.

Latin & Ballroom Dance

Unlike most dance styles, Latin & Ballroom Dance introduces students to partnering work from day one. Dancing with a partner requires deep listening and an understanding of trust and support. Both parties in a couple must carry the weight and work impeccably as a team. Latin and Ballroom Dance feature both classical and upbeat dance styles. The fierceness of a Latin dancer is incomparable, and the poise of a ballroom dancer is utterly breathtaking. 

Learning Centres & Creative Dance

Catered towards preschool children and early childhood learning & development, learning centres offer students the basic foundations of academics, creativity and the arts. Various learning centres will offer creative dance classes for preschool children to introduce them to movement, music and imagination. The dance styles taught at learning centres emphasize learning development and growth rather than focusing on strong dance technique.


Fierce and fiery is this highly musical and intense dance form originating from Spain. Build strength in your rhythm, and power in your body with flamenco dance as you stomp and clap to create your own intricate and complex rhythms. 

Bollywood & Belly Dance

Ain’t no party like a bollywood party! Take a trip to India with the energetic and lively movements and music of Bollywood. You can’t help but smile when dancing Bollywood, it provides fun movement for the soul. Move towards the Middle East and discover the suppleness and fluidity of Belly dancing. A true test of isolation and controlling the body, Belly dance will have you moving seamlessly.

Irish Dance

Riverdance your way to stardom with Irish Dance! Work on your body alignment and posture, and discover some fancy footwork as your dabble into the world of jigs, reels and hornpipes.

Ready to discover the rhythm of the night (...or day if you’re a morning person)? Check out our Hong Kong Dance Schools Listing!

Photo Credit: Ivandrei Pretorius from Pexels

Hop till you Drop!

An Overview of Hong Kong Dance Moms’ Summer Dance Intensive: Studio Hopping 2019 


From Sha Tin to Central, our Studio Hopping 2019 event reached near and far, covering all sorts of dance styles across this great city of Hong Kong! Geared towards children, our week long Summer Dance Intensive gave students the opportunity to explore various dance forms and exposed them to different ways of teaching and learning. Not only did this event give young aspiring dancers a chance to learn some new moves, but it also opened up new possibilities for our local dance studios and schools across Hong Kong to share their wealth of knowledge, experience, and skills in dance education.


Connecting our local dance community, Hong Kong Dance Moms partnered with ten different dance studios to offer a variety of dance classes for children between the ages of 3-10. Making sure our event was accessible for all, we offered students the chance to select 5 different dance classes for a nominal fee. Bringing the world of dance to our very own backyard, students didn’t even need to go away on summer holiday to experience new cultures, as they learned Ballet, K-Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop, Kathak(Indian Classical Dance), Tahitian Dance, Belly Dance, Street Jazz, Urban Dance, and Musical Jazz.


Though these new encounters between dance teachers and students were brief, it was fantastic to see that this event created a bridge for dance studios and aspiring young dancers to meet and explore the possibilities in dance! Part of the journey of dance is in discovering new challenges, both the highs and lows. Though a child’s first step in dance may seem plain and simple, there is actually so much complexity to what they are experiencing. It’s not just about the dance steps they are learning, it’s also about the interaction between the student and their teachers, peers, parents, and their exposure to the body, different languages, vocabulary and space. Studio Hopping 2019 was one small step for dance and one giant leap for our participants!

We couldn’t help but break into a happy dance when we received so much buzz and interest in our event, we truly thank you all for your support! A big thank you to our partnering dance studios; Academy of Dance, BE Dance Academy, Dream Dimension, Ellumination Dance Studio, G-Kids Dance Academy, SGM Dance Production, Studio Assemblé, Trio Spin Studio, Twinkle Dance Company, and Yaya Kids Dance!

Dream a Little Dream of Dance: Bedtime Stories for Dancers

When the lights go down and it’s time to catch some zzz’s, there’s no better dream than one that includes dancing animals, sugar plum fairies, or an impromptu hip hop dance battle.

Stir up your imagination, with these wildly fantastic bedtime stories that’ll make for a good night’s sleep. Bedtime stories aren’t exclusive to children, so pull up your favorite arm chair and pour a cup of tea…or better yet some hot chocolate with marshmallows!

Image by Randy Cecil

Image by Randy Cecil

1.     Brontorina

When Jurassic Park meets Center Stage (both ultimate film classics), we get the wonderful tale of Brontorina. This dancing brontosaurus makes everyone hear her roar with her dance moves. Written by James Howe and illustrated by Randy Cecil, this heartwarming tale brings out all the chuckles, as it tells the tale of a dinosaur who aspires to be a ballerina. It ain’t easy to get your foot into the studio when you’re 72 feet tall! Though, who ever said dancing was easy? Teaching us all about the determination and desire it takes to pursue your dreams, Brontorina reminds us to be true to ourselves!

Image by Eric Carle

Image by Eric Carle

2.     From Head to Toe

Got a classic case of ‘two left feet’? Refresh your movement vocabulary with this bold and cheerful book! From the same creator of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, comes a storybook that will get you moving in no time! With vivid designs of jungle animals, From Head to Toe features the oh-so iconic collage art of author and illustrator Eric Carle. A lot of our movement in dance stems from nature, so let these quirky jungle story characters guide you through the basics of body movement.

Image by Ann Jonas

Image by Ann Jonas

3.     Color Dance

Oh what a colourful world! Take a throwback to the 80s with Color Dance. Written and illustrated by Ann Jonas this book explores dance and color with dancers in Jane Fonda-like leotards who leap and turn across the page. Get inspired to dance while teaching those tiny tots about colour theory.

Image by Martin Ander

Image by Martin Ander

4.     My First Hip Hop Book

This one’s for all the bboys and bgirls who can’t resist a good beat! Hip hop is more than just a dance style, it’s a culture of art, music, movement, and fashion that honors self-expression through respect, love and creativity. My First Hip Hop Book written and illustrated by Martin Ander, is a vibrant picture book that allows us to appreciate Breakdance, Graffiti, DJs and Rap.

Image by Zong-Zhou Wang

Image by Zong-Zhou Wang

5.     D Is for Dancing Dragon

Every dance style is rooted in culture. Beyond learning about the alphabet and traditional Chinese dances like the Lion Dance and Dragon Dance, this book also highlights the richness and diversity of Chinese culture. Written by Carol Crane and illustrated by Zong-Zhou Wang, D is for Dancing Dragon demonstrates how heritage and culture influence art.

6.     A Child’s Introduction To Ballet: The Stories, Music, and Magic of Classical Dance

Image by Meredith Hamilton

Image by Meredith Hamilton

Become the ultimate ballet expert with this beautifully illustrated book. Covering everything from ballet stories, fun facts, and tips for bunheads, you’ll never need to Google a thing about ballet again. Written by Laura Lee and illustrated by Meredith Hamilton, A Child’s Introduction To Ballet is a great way to understand the very art form every great dancer aims to master.

These fantastic reads may require you to make a little extra room on your bookshelf…or maybe a trip to IKEA (for the love of BILLY bookcase)! Prepare to fill your world with imagination and dance, as you read these bedtime stories that will make your dancing dreams a reality!